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BMI Bornstein,LLC  provides property tax reduction services to hundreds of large, mid-size, and small commercial,industrial and residential clients in Cook County, the surrounding collar counties, and anywhere in the state of Illinois. Many property owners pay inflated bills without thought or analysis of how this bill has been determined. This is a HUGE mistake  - Illinois has among the highest property taxes in the country. If you are not filing a professional appeal, the odds are you are paying too much!

BMI Bornstein reduces the property taxes for an astounding 98 percent of our clients, saving commercial and industrial property owners hundreds of thousands of dollars. We can save money for you, too! We're so sure of our ability to save you money, we're willing to work on a contingent basis for a percentage of those savings, so there is no risk to you!

How It Works

The BMI Process

  1. Inspect the records regarding your property and review your property's assessment

  2. Conduct a thorough review of your Property Record

  3. Prepare evidence

  4. File correct forms with the proper authorities at the appropriate times

  5. Offer expert testimony at your property assessment hearing

  6. Conduct an annual follow-up review of your assessment

BMI Will Verify:

  • All data in your property tax file is correct

  • If assessment reflects Fair Market Value

  • Is assessment comparable with similar properties in your area

  • Whether your income stream justifies a reduced property assessment




Personalized Attention
  • Communication: telephone calls and written notification are sent to every client at each step of the appeal process

  • Calls and emails are returned in less than 48 hours; usually less than 24 hours

  • Clients welcome to visit the office any time during business hours.

Years of Experience

Our staff and attorneys have over 30 years experience in the property tax reduction industry. We successfully reduce 98 percent of our clients property taxes including receiving thousands of dollars in refunds for reductions obtained from previous years.

In-house Research Teams
  • All appeals placed by attorneys

  • Appeals placed to all three levels of government - Local, County and State

  • Specialists in: Fast Food Properties, Service Stations, Commercial Properties, Industrial Properties, Vacant Land & Vacant Properties, Apartments and Condos, and Mixed Use Units

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BMI Bornstein, LLC

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  • Do nothing - Taxes will increase 20-200%

  • Only way to stop increase is to appeal

  • BMI Bornstein LLC has saved property owners millions!

  • Contact us to appeal now

  • No fees unless we win

  • free initial consultation

  • Appeals filed at multiple county agencies to give you multiple chances to win

This does not have to be you ... Let us help!
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